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One-person theatricality

2.5 Minute Ride by Lisa Kron. Theatre Horizon, Norristown PA.
Buyer and Cellar by Jonathan Tollins. 1812 Productions, Philadelphia PA.

Two one-person plays light up the Philadelphia theater scene in the autumn of 2017.

2.5 Minute Ride is an autobiographical drama by Lisa Kron, best known as the playwright and lyricist of the musical Fun Home. Read that review here. Buyer and Cellar is a satirical comedy by Jonathan Tollins, author of Twilight of the Golds.

Both of them feature outstanding acting, by Leah …

Desperate Measures is a surprising hit

Desperate Measures by David Friedman & Peter Kellogg. York Theatre, New York.

The most fun of the 2017-18 theater season, so far, is a new musical by David Friedman and Peter Kellogg at the York Theatre which has been extended through November 26. Called Desperate Measures, it is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, set in the American Wild West in 1890.

Measure for Measure’s theme is justice versus mercy, and Shakespeare presented a contrast between corruption and purity. In the plot that’s echoed in this musical, a man named …

Come to this Cabaret

Cabaret by John Kander, Fred Ebb and Joe Masteroff. Directed by Matthew Decker, Arden Theatre, September 2017.

Never has Cabaret seemed so timely as in the new production by Matthew Decker at the Arden Theater.

When Joe Masteroff wrote the script in 1966 with Fred Ebb supplying lyrics and John Kander the music, we all thought it was a look backward at the rise of Naziism in Berlin around 1930. Now we see it as a warning about current threats. No lines specifically name Putin, Trump or any neo-Nazi, but the implication is clear when we witness the …

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