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Angels in America at the National Theatre in London. Presented live in movie theaters by Fathom Events in July 2017. Encore dates to be announced.

This article is based on my reviews that were published in DC Metro Theater Arts

Angels in America remains a sad, hilarious, hallucinogenic theatrical achievement. The juxtaposition of those seemingly-opposite qualities is what makes the play memorable.

We observed this when an ambitious new production by the National Theatre was streamed to cinemas in HD. That production is in the midst of a sold-out run in London.

In …

The Hero is notable for its anti-heroic protagonist

The Hero. Film starring Sam Elliott. At the Ambler Theater.

The Hero is an unpretentious movie that sneaks up on you. Just as time has snuck up on its protagonist, a man who has been living in his past for many years.

Sam Elliott, in real life, is a 72-year-old known for character roles since he played a card shark in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. With flowing white hair and droopy mustache, plus a deep resonant voice (heard in TV Dodge Ram commercials), he is married to Katherine Ross who was …

Maine & Nova Scotia on a luxury cruise

When you think about cruise ships, you may imagine sailing to tropical islands to lay out on long beaches with clear water. Well, think again. In summer months where temperatures frequent the mid-90’s, consider passing up the Caribbean heat and instead traveling north, to New England and Canada.

We decided to escape the heat and take a cruise to a region most people don’t envision when they picture summer, though they probably should.

Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean sail to the New England and Canada region; we sailed on the Anthem of the Seas, one of the …

Theater With a View presents intimate family drama

Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire. Theater With a View, Pottstown PA, through July 29, 2017.

Rabbit Hole is a provocative family drama about differing ways in which people deal with the death of a child. How would you handle your four-year-old being accidentally struck and killed by a motorist? Clearly, there’s no correct answer and no two people will behave similarly.

In David Lindsay-Abaire’s play, mother Becca tries to block from view all reminders of her son Danny, while father Howie wants to hold on to objects. He replays a family video of the laughing …

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